City walk every Saturday led by a guide

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Do you want to learn everything about the history and monuments of Elburg? Then we invite you to take a city walk through Elburg. Every Saturday at 1.30 pm, a city walk led by an expert guide starts from Museum Elburg/VVV Elburg, Jufferenstraat 8. Price € 5.50 per person. You always have to register for this. This is possible until 13:00.

If you want to take a city walk with a group, this is possible at any time. For information and reservations, please contact VVV/Museu


  • Every saturday from 13:30 to 15:00
  • With groups it is possible every day to make a city walk led by a guide. The city walk does NOT take place on public holidays.


  • €5.50



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