Discover Elburg

The fortified town of Elburg is an attraction in itself. The ancient inner town has a unique, rectangular street plan which is still surrounded by beautiful ramparts, a fish rich moat and parts of the old town wall as well as defense works that were necessary when Elburg was still a medieval Hanseatic town situated right by the Zuiderzee.

  • One of the most striking buildings in Elburg.

    One of the striking buildings in Elburg is the former Agnietenconvent which used to be a 15th century nunnery. Museum Elburg/Information Centre Elburg are now situated in these late Gothic buildings.

    One of the most striking buildings in Elburg.
  • The Vischpoort of Elburg

    The Vischpoort, originally one of the defense towers of the town, is the most photographed monument in Elburg.

    The Vischpoort of Elburg Blik op de zijkant van de Vischpoort vanaf de Nooderwalstraat
  • Fortified town

    The design of the fortified town is based in the principle of the golden ratio, a rarity in town planning.

    Fortified town
  • Discouver the local area

    VVV Elburg is looking for photos of the most beautiful local spots

    Discouver the local area
  • Hanseatic town of Elburg

    In the past trade mainly took place over water. As early as 1367 Elburg took part in the Hanseatic League.

    Hanseatic town of Elburg
  • Fishing history

    The old wooden ships that are still in the harbour, the botters, keep the memory of the fishing history of Elburg alive.

    Fishing history

Explore, discover and experience Elburg

We compiled a top 10 to give you a good impression of everything Elburg has to offer. The largest monument density of the Netherlands. Especially in the old fortified town and historic fishing harbour. The surroundings of Elburg are most certainly worth exploring, on foot, by bike, boat or car. Don’t forget the nearby villages of ‘t Harde, Oostendorp, Molendorp and Doornspijk. They are worth visiting.