During your stay you can make use of all the facilities Elburg has to offer. The Information Centre or Harbour Office can assist in most cases.

Parking in the vicinity of the fortified city is free near the harbour at parking ‘de Oude Vos’ or at the ‘Schootsveld’ near the historic town.

Information Centre VVV Elburg

One of the most outstanding buildings in the old town is the former Agnieten convent which was once a nunnery. The Information Centre (VVV) is now situated in these late-gothic buildings.

More about the Information Centre

Parking in and around the fortified town

Elburg is lucky to have spacious free parking possibilities. At the ‘Oude Vos’ and ‘Schootsveld’ you can park all day with exception of days on which events are organized. In the inner town you are allowed to park for 1 hour. Beware, the parking near the Jumbo supermarket is only opened during shopping hours and will be closed afterwards.

The two spacious parkings.

General Facilities

During your stay you may need addresses for various matters. We collected most of them under the heading General Facilities. Medical addresses, municipal facilities and addresses of banks and cash machines.

To addresses