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Bunkers were built in the ramparts of the Elburg fortress in the 16th century, the so-called Kazematten, in which guns were placed. Prince Maurits had already seen it right in 1592. The defenses of Elburg were of a special construction, the prince judged. More than four centuries later, the town's bunkers and gates are still of high quality and worth a closer look. The underground bunkers are also called ''moortkuyl''. The casemates were of great importance to Elburg. The place received city rights in 1233 and therefore had to build an adequate defense. Elburg was interesting for many robber barons in those years. They tried to enter the city by water.        


  • Due to occupational problems, it is not certain whether the casemates will be open at the above times. For current opening hours, please contact VVV Elburg on 0525-681341.


  • €2.00 Families of 2 adults and max. 4 children pay € 7.50



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