Charging points electric bike


VVV Elburg
Jufferenstraat 8
8081 CR Elburg
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Various charging points for your electric bicycle can be found in the municipality of Elburg.


Charging point, Havenkade 7, 8081 GP - always possible

Cafe De Elburger, Beekstraat 26, 8081 ED - 2 charging options

Next to the bandstand on the Vischmarkt - 2 charging options, key at fish stall

Museum Sjoel, Graaf Hendriksteeg 2, 8081 CH - during opening hours, 4 charging options

Bike Totaal R. Koops Tweewielers, Westerlengte 14, 8081 PZ


Fietsplezier Doornspijk, Zuiderzeestraatwegwest 44, 8081 AG - during opening hours

‘t Harde

La Place, Eperweg 94, 8084 HK - during opening hours

Restaurant Amuse, Eperweg 47b, 8084 HB - during opening hours