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VVV Elburg
Jufferenstraat 8
8081 CR Elburg
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Dronten has about 60 km of beaches and land along the Veluwe- and Dronterlake. The Veluwelake is especially popular amongst water sports enthusiasts because of the many facilities. There is a separate track where waterskiing and speedboats are allowed. The lakes are perfect for canoeing, surfing and sailing but also offer enough space to cruise in an open boat or cabin boat and do some fishing. The beaches are public and always accessible.

There is a parking charge from 1 April to 1 October! Day ticket € 5,00 and valid from 9 am till 9 pm. Before and after these hours the barriers are closed. It is also possible to buy a parking sticker for the whole season which allows you to enjoy the beaches along the lakes unlimitedly. You can purchase one for € 40,00 at VVV/Museum Elburg, Jufferenstraat 8, 8081 CR Elburg or at one of the  campsites.


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